Travel: Unfiltered Travel Stories from Sedona, Emotional Breakdowns, and Spiritual Lessons from Energy Vortexes


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Have you heard about the powerful spiritual energy vortexes in Sedona? Well let me tell you, the kicked my a**. Join me, Kendall Fuhrman, as I share unfiltered stories and life lessons and tips from my recent trip to Sedona, Arizona and I relive my insane experiences with the energy vortexes there. In this episode, I get vulnerable and I talk about my emotional breakdown in Sedona and share the lessons I learned from meeting a magic flute man at an energy vortex! Yes I said magic flute man (at least that's my name for him lol). This episode is real, raw, in the moment and a completely unfiltered account of my insane time in Sedona! So if you want to see what really goes on behind the scenes of my trips and also learn lessons from my mistakes so that you have the best time during your trip to Sedona, then take a listen and join me on reliving and learning from my Sedona experience! Let me know your thoughts and responses to this on my latest IG post on @kendallsworldpodcast!
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Topics Covered:

  • What are Energy Vortexes?
  • What are the Sedona Energy Vortexes?
  • Masculine vs Feminine energy
  • Living your purpose fully
  • Fear and self doubt as a sign that you are living your purpose
  • We need to practice being our best self
  • Don't fake it till you make it, practice until you become it!
  • Every situation (negative or positive) has a lesson for us to learn
  • How to change your perspective to welcome "negative" emotions and situations and grow from them!
  • "You are not a victim to your situations and experiences. You chose them, you move with them, you grow through them and you become your best self through them."

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