006: Logan Delgado - Keto as a Lifestyle, Having a Positive Mindset, and Bodybuilding on Keto


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Looking at Logan Delgado, a well-known keto coach and influencer, you’d never guess that he was once 70 pounds overweight.

Instead, you’d think he was a professional bodybuilder who’s been doing that for most, if not all, of his life.

That’s because Logan Delgado didn’t just lose the weight and call it quits. He kept going and continued to improve his life and he comes on the show to share his exact journey.

You’ll discover the techniques he uses, how he uses keto as a lifestyle, and how he remains so positive throughout his journey.

You’ll also learn how to use keto whether you’re a bodybuilder or busy parent, how to not fear carbs, how to celebrate holidays and family gatherings while on keto, cyclical versus targeted keto and who each one is right for, and so much more.

Logan also dives into his incredible ketone meter, which he’s a co-owner of, what makes this device so different, and whether or not you need to be tracking your ketone levels.

Logan Delgado goes by the name Goody Beats on his social media channels, where he’s amassed a whopping 270,000 followers on all of his channels combined.

He’s also the creator of Goody Fit, a monthly fitness subscription program that teaches people how to use keto to reach their health goals, and he’s a husband and father of two girls.

Logan is an incredible motivator and he’ll show you what it takes to reach your goals, stay consistent, foster a positive mindset, and keep your health in check when you tune into the episode.

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