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What kind of movie is 1986’s KILLER PARTY? Patrick thinks it’s a perfect “U-shaped film” with the high points coming at the beginning and end. Gena calls it the Amazon Women On The Moon of slashers. Our guest and Returning Champion, Brennan Klein, believes the narrative is unstuck in time, like a Christopher Nolan puzzle box. But nothing in heaven nor on Earth can prepare you for this slobs vs. snobs vs. ghost slasher vs. hair metal band horror/comedy hybrid. Along the way we discuss dramatic priests, comb-over mullets, more smoking bread, the existence of a real band named White Sister… and that’s just the first 10 minutes of this thing!!

Folks, we may have found the most Kill By Kill horror movie of all time! Yes, of course we play Choose Your Own Death-venture. Yes, we spend a good five minutes on the legality of burying someone in your own backyard. Yes, there is a #GetBunked death. Yes, this episode description is too long! Also, stay tuned for a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT at the end of the episode. This movie is A LOT.

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