Scream 3 (w/ Mike Snoonian)


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Someone is taking their love of horror trilogies too far. Not sure who it is, but that's what we're left with here. That's right, we've reached the SCREAM 3 episode of this season and we're breaking it all down with the help of the one and only Mike Snoonian (Pod and the Pendulum, Psycho Therapy podcasts). Along the way, we talk about the Vern Troyer/Wiener Dog team-up flick of our dreams, we explore the variety of movies that appear to be spliced together as one film, debate who the Jenny Jones of the Scream universe is, examine how PTSD and generational trauma shape this entry, and also how the movie tries to avoid reckoning with it at all. Plus, we play Choose Your Own Death-venture and celebrate the film's real highlight: Jay and Silent Bob. No - that doesn't seem right. Nope - it's actually national treasure Parker Posey! That makes a lot more sense. Also, CW: we discuss rape culture in Hollywood, institutionalized sexual assault, and one of the executive producers of Scream. Never fear - new episodes of Kill By Kill are made available every other Friday! Dish By Dish: A Hannibal Rewatch on the Fridays in-between. Have something to say? Find us on Twitter @KillByKillPod Join the conversation about any episode on the Facebook Group! Follow us on IG @killbykillpodcast Check out the films we’ve covered & what might come soon on Letterboxd! Get even more episodes exclusively on Patreon! Follow our station on vurbl: Artwork by Josh Hollis: Kill By Kill theme by Revenge Body. For the full-length version and more great music, head to today!

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