The Rosary Made Me Catholic | with Jeffrey Stevens


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Jeffery Stevens is a convert to the Catholic faith and an author. In this interview Jeffrey describes his childhood and the role that faith played, how he came to accept Jesus as savior, and how the rosary led him to discover the Catholic church. It is a heartwarming story and so inspiring. #catholicconversionstory #rosary #catholicconvert Jeffrey is also an author and ghostwriter. Check out his website at

About Jeffrey (from his website): My life can best be summed up with the three most significant roles I fulfill. I’m a devout Catholic. Lil v calls me daddy. Writing is both a blessing and a curse in my life. Shortly after Jesus became important to me, I discovered my passion for writing, particularly writing in regards to how Scripture could be applied to daily life. While I grew up attending a Catholic elementary school, the Catholic Church didn’t begin influencing how I lived until 2015. I followed through with becoming in full-communion with the Church in 2018. As far as writing is concerned, I’m a published author and columnist for a few websites. I’m a senior writer for ThinkCivics, focusing on the Vatican’s involvement in world politics. I’m a columnist for both Catholic Stand and Catholic365. I also contribute to Joshua’s Outpost, a ministry geared towards men looking to discover and cultivate a personal relationship with God. Then there’s Lil v, my amateur ballerina, gymnast, cheerleader, and swimmer. At just five years old, she’s still trying to decide what her profession will be. We’re parishioners at St. Jude Catholic Church in the South Bend – Ft. Wayne diocese in northern Indiana. We can be found at mass every Saturday evening and regularly visit the adoration chapel throughout the week. I’m currently studying for a second degree in theology from Aidan University in Jacksonville, Florida. The concentration of this degree is ancient and sacramental studies. My education played a significant role in my conversion to the Catholic Church. The more I studied the early church and the church fathers, the more intense the Holy Spirit’s pull leading me to the Church became. I say that as someone with a degree in theology from a Protestant university.

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