Three Keys To Effective Leadership | With Guest Marek Rudak


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Catholic author and speaker Marek Rudak joins me today to discuss leadership. We specifically discuss servant leadership and how it can help us at work, with our families, and at our parishes. He discusses three tips that can help us in our daily lives. He also explains how the ultimate model of servant leadership is Jesus.

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Marek Rudak was born and grew up in communist Poland. He lost his dad at a young age. When he was fourteen, his mom remarried, and Marek moved to California. He came to feel like he was the fifth wheel in his new family. This led him toward a desire to control others by focusing on earning his worth through personal accomplishments. Marek graduated in the top 10% of his class at West Point and became a Ranger in the 82nd Airborne Division, where he deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. After receiving an honorable discharge from the Army, Marek went with the highest paying job he could find, ExxonMobil, where he worked for ten years on multi-billion-dollar projects all over the world. A tough divorce led Marek to a lot of soul searching and multiple life changes. After meeting the love of his life, Marek decided to quit his job and commit himself full time to the mission of improving men's love proficiency.

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