23. How moving cheese can leave us with a profound and life changing message w/Waseem Hijazi


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Have you found change difficult to digest? Have you resisted change or spent time procrastinating when making a decision to change what is in your life.
The book Who Moved My Cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson who is the best-selling co-author of the one minute manager is a life-changing short story that can be read in just a couple of hours but has a profound message. It is amusing, filled with life's truths that are easy to understand, and a ton of golden nugget takeaways.

Now if you have or have not read this life-changing short story I think you will enjoy this conversation as my friend Waseem and I share our insights into which character we identify with, what writings on the wall stand out for us, and what we have learned from the story & the effect it has had on our lives.
Waseem Hijazi founder of Demeals.ca "Delicious Easy Meals" returns to join me in this conversation/book review about this life-changing book.
This book will show you how to:
- Anticipate change
- Adapt to change quickly
- Enjoy change
- Be ready to change quickly, again and again
This episode:
0.01 - Intro - Paula introduces this life-changing story with a profound message
3.39 - Paula & Waseem introduction to the story, Waseem's overview of the book
5.00 - Which character do you identify with / introducing the 4 characters in the story
07.54 - Doubt. Intuition. Inaction - the character Haw is influenced
09.42 - Fear & facing our fears. What would you do if you were not afraid
10.13 - Re-action to change
11.45 - The memories of the past that the book brings to the surface
14.22 - Being an immigrant and change (moving cheese)
16.02 - The effect the story has had on our lives since reading the book
21.16 - Discussing character Hem and recognizing similarities or in our lives, people in our lives that remind us of the character Hem
23.50 - Writings on the wall/ which are the favorites and why
29.16 - How the company you keep can be a big influence in our lives
31.00 - Favorite writings on the wall
33.25 - Big takeaways
40.00 - Final words
Meet Waseem founder of "Delicious Easy meals" Episode 19
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