27. Starving Cancer, Hypnotherapy and taking charge of our well being w/Adrienne Potter


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Meet Adrienne Potter a two-time Cancer Survivor. Based in the United Kingdom & she joins us with that lovely British accent from her home in Bewdley, Worcestershire. Adrienne shares her Cancer journey, the resources, supplements & strategies she applied to take charge of her body & her health. Adrienne is a retired Sports Therapist who now has a home business as a Hypnotherapist, Hypnocoach, & Life Coach working one on one, & in group & corporate settings. We are left with much food for thought

What this episode is about:
0.00 - Paula Introduction to KMKY & her lovely guest Adrienne Potter who is a Cancer survivor.
02.00 - Who is Adrienne today after her health scare & life challenges
02.28 - What are the health challenges that threw her life upside down
04.29 - Second Breast Cancer Diagnosis 2020 & the commonality in women
06.00 - Dealing with one's emotional state & mindset when dealing with a health crises
07.50 - Decisions toward regaining her bodies health | Dietary changes | Resources to support her journey | Alkaline Diet | Introduction to "How to starve cancer"
10.45 - Foundations from a food perspective | Food eliminated from the diet | Blood type diet
11.35 - Why Exercise is important especially after meals
13.06 - Books that made an impact in Adrienne's life & health journey | How to starve cancer by Jane Mclleland | Other resources
15.15 - Keeping the stress levels low | Meditation | Positive Affirmations
17.07 - Discoveries of the human spirit and illness
21.06 - Other Resources & guidance | Diets | Supplements | Radical Remission
23.50 - Breast Cancer Support Groups & the benefits | Raising awareness, support & funds
26.30 - How Adrienne became named as Ms Sadistic and the Silent Missile in her sports therapy practice.
28.20 - Introduction to Adrienne & her current specialties and services | Why Life Coaching
31.30 - Incorporating Life Coaching with Hypnotherapy
32.05 - All about Hypnocoaching and the benefits
34.00 - Why work with Adrienne
as a client
35.00 - 3 powerful words Adrienne uses on her website & why
36.45 - Working with groups & corporations
38.35 - What is a Clarity Call
40.00 - Advice for those who want to become a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist etc
41.08 - Advice for a younger Adrienne
42.20 -
Word "Community" & what it means to Adrienne
48.35 - Adrienne's final words living as our authentic selves
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Jane McLelland - How To Starve Cancer - https://www.howtostarvecancer.com/
Inspirational Speaker, Author, Stage IV Cancer Survivor
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