S04E30 - Late and Live Mix (10th September 2021)


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September's Late and Live Mix brings the usual mashup of the best new music from games such as Sonic Colours: Ultimate and arrangers such as Studio Nicktendo, 130Grit and JX, playlist additions from Chou Kyuukai Miracle Nine, Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis and Puyo Puyo Da!, as well as awesome tracks from The Adventures of Batman & Robin, Confidential Mission, Scramble Spirits and more, plus Travel Seaward's reign as Virtua's greatest request comes to an end... Tracklisting: - Confidential Mission - Mission 3 (Agares Headquarters) (requested by electricboogaloo) - Puyo Puyo Da! Featuring Ellena System - Hip House Compile Classix '95 - Michirin - Quartet - Stage 1 - PC engine Cover Rearranged (Deflemask) (requested by Virtua) - Sonic Colours: Ultimate - Terminal Velocity - Act 1 (Remix) - Studio Nicktendo - "When the Moons Reaching out Stars" - Persona 3 | Pop Punk Cover - Phonetic Hero - Prow'd - The Adventures of Batman & Robin (Mega Drive version) - Main Title (requested by Jamie) - JX - Rotatatron & Refreshinator - Sonic Colours (Sonic Advance 3 Style) (requested by Frost) - Chou Kyuukai Miracle Nine - In-Game BGM 2 (Chance) - Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis - A World Beyond The Sky - Opening Ver. - - The 8-Bit Big Band feat. Grace Kelly - Hydrocity Zone (from Sonic the Hedgehog 3) (requested by Frost) - 130Grit - Rusty Ruin Zone 1 (From -Sonic 3D Blast Genesis-) -Funk-Rock Cover- - Scramble Spirits (Arcade version) - B.G.M.3 (requested by electricboogaloo) - Racing Hero (Arcade version) - BGM 1 (requested by Virtua) - Sub-Terrania - Crystal Space II (Level III) (requested by Jamie)

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