Doctor Teaches Law Enforcement How To Survive Potentially Fatal Attacks While Protecting The Public


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On today’s episode we talk with an ER doctor about how centerline protection is saving the lives of law enforcement and civilians across the country. Police officers can learn how to survive a potentially fatal attack by keeping their centerline protected by using a Vector Centerline Shield. Doctor Peter Bevins is instrumental in training law enforcement at all levels across the country on how to survive these attacks with the best possible outcome.

“Doc” Bevins, the Vector Team Doctor is a semi-retired emergency room physician who explains his personal experiences with gunshot and blunt force trauma wounds in the ER and how his knowledge of centerline injuries plays into helping us save lives at Vector. He has been instrumental in developing de-escalation tactics for the training curriculum for Vector Centerline Shields protecting law enforcement and the public. He is now utilizing his life’s experiences to help men and women of law enforcement and communities survive potentially deadly attacks. This is a life-changing episode, so if you are in law enforcement or have a loved one who is, please listen.

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