Officer Addresses How He Assists Emotionally Disturbed Persons And How The Vector Centerline Shield Protects The Autistic


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Officer Ayman is not just a police officer helping the autistic. He is also the proud, loving parent of an autistic child so he has insight into both sides of the situations autistic adults, children and families face every day when interacting with law enforcement.
This long-time, local police officer and federal task force agent speaks about the Vector Centerline Shield and how it works with Emotionally Disturbed Persons and how Vector Centerline Training helps make interactions with the autistic safer for both autistic adults and children as well as officers with the Responder Alert Program founded by Chief David Green of Wellford City PD in North Carolina.
New current events require new tools, which require new training. Vector Centerline Shields provides these tools and training to better protect law enforcement and the public.
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