Police Chief Helps The Autistic With Amazing New Program


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Chief David Green of the Wellford City Police Department discusses how he created the Responder Alert Program to Spread Autism Awareness. He cites a specific example of how an autistic man was pulled over at a traffic stop and this program performed as it should and this- gentleman was handled in a more compassionate manner than would normally have been the case because the officer saw the Responder Alert sticker on his vehicle.
Chief Green also explains how a recent incident with a barricaded subject armed with a knife was handled better because he had a Vector Centerline Shield with him when dealing with the subject.
New current events require new tools, which require new training. Vector Centerline Shields provides these tools and training to better protect law enforcement and the public.
If you are the family member of an autistic adult or child and would like more information on our Responder Alert Program or if you are a law enforcement officer who would like more information, please call 239-281-8669 or send an email to savingliveswithvector@gmail.com or visit our Responder Alert web page at https://www.vectorshields.com/responder-alert-program/ .
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