Retired Special Forces/Special Activities Division Veteran Helps Law Enforcement With Unconventional Training Tips


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Our guest today has served his country honorably training law enforcement at the highest levels all over the world. He explains some compelling dangerous real-life situations and has come on today's show to get more information out to help protect law enforcement using these real-world tips and applications on how to stay safe.
He talks about de-escalating threat in some of the most dangerous areas of the word.

JB explains what he did previously that applies to law enforcement training today and the misconception of what Unconventional Warfare is and how it is the modern day equivalent to community policing.

We get into the premise of winning hearts and minds and how that is actually where current law enforcement might go to better improve relations with the public and save lives. We give specific examples of departments who are using this management and implementation style with success with better safety for officers and better safety for communities.

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Law Enforcement Unconventional is a weekly podcast bringing new tools, training and ideas to the LE community with discussions between LE, Special Forces and Special Operations hosted by a veteran Green Beret and a real life shield maiden federal law enforcement instructor. Please listen and share. A simple click could save a life.

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