Texas Police Officer Deploys Revolutionary New Tool to Stop Active Shooters & Physical Attacks


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Listen to these exciting accounts from a Texas police officer discussing how he deploys the newest tool being issued to law enforcement. This officer has 18 years of service with law enforcement from rural to big city departments and everything in-between. He has worked in some major departments and in some different roles within the departments including patrol, SWAT, warrant service and others. Listen to this officer tell why he deploys this innovative tool at different levels during his job.
As a rookie, this officer could have had his career ended if not for his "Spidey Senses" when he stuck his ball cap into an attic to fish out an active shooter who shot the baseball cap instead of the officer's head. Officer Pete carries the Vector Shield with him every day everywhere. Listen to the different scenarios where he deploys this lightweight tool. Officers are being shot almost weekly here in America and they need new tools and training to stop deadly threats. Listen to why this officer chose Vector Shields to ride along and provide safety as he protects people deep in the heart of Texas.
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