202 | Rob Signoretti | Cultivating a Growth Mindset, Pivoting Quickly, and Bucking the Trend


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In today’s show, we interview, Rob Signoretti, Enterprise Account Executive at DataBricks who shares his story about how he built his successful career in the technology space.

Raised in Ontario by a blue-collar family, Rob had a “boxed-in” mentality as he had little idea about the massive opportunities out there. He was content and laidback, and his teacher called him the “dumbest smart guy” he had ever met.

However, all this changed when Rob found Student Works. As a student painter, Rob realized that he had to step outside of his comfort zone if he wished to leverage bigger and better opportunities. He also talks at length about the importance of working smarter and not necessarily harder in this segment of the show.

Student Works again came to the rescue when Rob went job-hunting after graduating. Owing to the strong alumni network, he was able to get offers from three iconic organizations – Xerox, Canon, and Dell.

Rob decided to venture into the technology space as an entry-level salesperson with Dell. Later he gravitated toward the consulting space with Mainland Information Systems and the data analytics space with Splunk. Currently, Rob works as an Enterprise Account Executive at DataBricks.

If you work in the tech space or any other fast-evolving space, listening to Rob will make you realize how pivoting quickly will allow you to maximize opportunities.

Rob is also the provincial chair at KidSport Alberta, a non-profit that helps more than 13,000 kids every year.

Towards the end, Rob calls out some of the common mistakes that entrepreneurs and professionals make and shares some great tips for living a balanced, more fulfilled life.


What You Will Learn In This Show

  • How pivoting quickly can help you stay ahead of the curve
  • How to take calculated risks, and constantly reinvent yourself
  • A “peek” into the fast-evolving tech space
  • And so much more…


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