204 | Erin Roininen Butler | How Student Works Set the Tone for My Successful Sales Career


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In today’s show, Chris interviews Erin Roininen Butler, Director of Sales Strategy and Shopper Marketing, Weston Foods.

Erin shares her life story, recalls her super-successful Student Works stint, and gives us a peek into her role at Weston Foods.

Even before Student Works, Erin was always motivated to give her best. Be it academics or athletics, Erin gave it her all. So, when Erin joined Student Works, she was intent on breaking the then all-time sales record of $200,000. And to fulfill her audacious goal, Erin prepared a detailed business plan, managed multiple crews, and initiated a massive cold-calling campaign.

Running a large business at just 18 was a huge confidence-booster for Erin. Additionally, her Student Works stint also taught her another valuable lesson – work hard and play hard – something that she abides by, to this day.

Next, Erin talks about how she landed 5-solid job offers at the height of the economic crisis in 2009, and why she eventually decided to opt for Weston Foods. Starting as a sales manager, Erin worked her way up through various roles. Here, listeners will learn how giant organizations plan to stay ahead of the curve, how they understand the customer’s psyche, and how they clearly communicate expectations and requirements across the board.

You will also learn about Erin’s extremely successful side-hustle – her real estate business. Learn how Erin and her husband managed to scale up to 7 properties in Golden Horseshoe, the sacrifices they made to set up their business, and why real estate investing is NOT a “passive” source of income as assumed by many.


What You Will Learn in This Show

  • How I broke the all-time sales record at Student Works
  • How do large organizations plan out complex sales strategies?
  • How to build a successful real estate side-hustle
  • And so much more…


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