206 | Michael Patterson | A “Peek” Into My Sales Playbook – What Hugely Successful Sales Executives Do That Others Don’t


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Ever wondered how top sales executives stay ahead of the curve? What is their “secret sauce” that catapults them miles ahead of the competition?

In today’s show, we interview Michael Patterson, IBM Key Client Executive BD Bank who shares some expert tips for staying on the top of your sales game, and the importance of continuously reinventing yourself.

Growing up, Michael was always hugely driven and entrepreneurial. After a successful stint with Student Works, he teamed up with Steve, also a Student Works alumnus to start a property maintenance business, Patty Mac.

After Patty Mac, Michael decided to go the corporate route. He shares his experiences with SalesForce, ScribbleLive, and his current employer, IBM.

Here, Michael makes some interesting comparisons between working in a large organization like SalesForce and ScribbleLive, a small start-up.

Currently, Michael is the IBM Key Client Executive for TD Bank. A pioneer in the computing space, listeners will learn how IBM has completely reinvented themselves by gravitating towards AI and cloud services.

Michael also reveals his big WHY that pushed him to recently get his MBA. Can an MBA help you out professionally? Michael shares his experience.

Tune in for some great insights. Enjoy!

What You Will Learn In This Show

  • Why continuous evolution is the key to success in sales
  • Will an MBA help you out professionally?
  • A “peek” into the work cultures of some of the most iconic organizations in the world
  • And so much more…


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