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Ever wondered how million-dollar deals are closed? What is the level of effort, diligence, and teamwork required for successful culmination?

In today’s show, Chris interviews Christine Purvis, Senior Account Executive, SAP who shares her work experiences and some of the biggest lessons learned over the years.

Back in high school, Christine was a busy-bee doing great in academics as well as in extra-curricular activities, constantly making sacrifices so that she could remain focused on her big goals.

Student Works was her first real-life business experience and a great one at that. You will learn how Christine picked up an entire gamut of skills ranging from sales to operations.

Upon graduation, Christine worked with some stellar organizations, starting with a financial analyst role at Pepsi, then working as a staff accountant at Deloitte before moving on to SAP.

This next segment of the show will be particularly interesting for those who are trying to gain a foothold in the highly lucrative cloud software space. Christine gives us a peek into the rigorous recruiting process, her work profile, and the overall culture at SAP.

You will learn about the thoroughness, preparation, and teamwork that goes into closing million-dollar deals.

We also have an interesting discussion about how COVID has taught us some important lessons in gratitude and empathy.

Tune in to this inspiring show today!

What You Will Learn In This Show

  • Why great sales skills are at the core of a successful career
  • How to close billion-dollar accounts
  • How the pandemic has taught us some important lessons in gratitude and empathy
  • And so much more…


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