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Ever wondered how successful real estate developers manage the different moving parts to ensure the successful fruition of large multi-million-dollar projects?

On today’s show, we interview Craig Whitten, partner, Huntington Properties who shares with us his thoughts on core values, business strategy, and growth.

Growing up, Craig was independent-minded and success-motivated. So, when he went through the Student Works internship, this further stoked his passion for business. Here, he got some lifelong lessons and transferable lessons in relationship-building and work ethic.

After graduating from the University of Waterloo, Craig worked for a home renovations company for a while before the company went under due to a lack of systems and farsightedness. So, in 2010, Craig became the fourth employee to join his father’s syndication business.

Craig and his team have since significantly expanded their operations as they are developing/managing large multi-million dollar commercial as well as real estate properties.

In this next segment of the show, you will get an interesting peek into the operations of Craig’s business, Huntington Properties. You will learn how they scout out feasible locations for their forthcoming projects. And how they find the right investors and tenants to bring a project to successful fruition.

We also have an interesting discussion on brick & mortar vs. online. Craig shares why, inspite of all the hoopla surrounding online/eCommerce, brick and mortar is here to stay. And you will learn how Craig’s business is pivoting to develop projects that are more aligned with tenant requirements in the post-pandemic world.


What You Will Learn In This Show

  • Why brick and mortar retail is here to stay inspite of all the hoopla about online
  • How retail developers are pivoting in the wake of the pandemic
  • How to navigate the different peaks and troughs in a business
  • Getting the right anchor tenants to ensure the success of a commercial real estate development
  • And so much more…


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