218 | Cory Bartrim | A Peek Into The Student Works Model and The Biggest Things that Make Us Thrive


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On today’s show, we interview Cory Bartrim, Vice President, Operations at Student Works who shares with us his distilled wisdom on collaboration, entrepreneurship, and organization. He also shares his biggest failures and some of the most important lessons that he has learned along the way.

Born in a blue-collar family, Cory always had a big engine for work. However, admittedly, he had little idea about his long-term goals and the direction in which his life was headed. While studying business at UNBC, he discovered the Student Works opportunity due to a chance meeting with a close friend of his.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

After two amazing years of franchising, Cory was offered the opportunity to work as a DM in Vancouver Island.

In his initial years at Student Works, Cory was mentored by Andrew who, almost became like a second father to him. You will learn how Cory has managed to forge life-long relationships that go well beyond the business at Student Works.

You will also get a “peek” into the Student Works model, and learn how the organization is set up to bring out the best in people.

Having been an intimate part of the business for 9 years, Cory shares how Student Works strives to achieve a fine balance of structure and flexibility. He also talks a bit about the nimbleness with which Student Works tweaked their hiring practices and sales processes in the wake of COVID.

We wrap up this show with Cory making some frank admissions about all the mistakes that he made early on in his career. Especially, he talks about being neck-deep in debt in his early thirties and how good counsel helped him nurse his finances back to health.

Having learned his lesson the hard way, Cory and his wife, Emily have managed to build up an enviable real estate portfolio over time.

This show is full of inspiring nuggets. Enjoy!

What You Will Learn In This Show

  • A “peek” into Student Works model
  • Why Student Works is designed to bring out the best in people
  • Best organizational practices and achieving a balance between structure and flexibility
  • Avoiding the common money mistakes that most people make early on in life
  • And so much more…


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