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On today’s show, we interview Eric Janssen, faculty, Ivey Business School at Western University who shares with us his distilled wisdom on the art of selling, the power of story-telling, and tips for achieving a good work-life balance.

After graduating from the Ivey School of Business, Eric continued as a lecturer with the same school for three years.

But in 2008, Eric decided to venture into the corporate world. As the Director of Strategy and Business Development at Mobiroo, Eric helped grow this nascent business which enables telecom operators to distribute top content.

He went on to work in Wrapp and Intellitix – both technology companies in creative niches.

Particularly, Eric talks at length about his work at Intellitix, and how their game-changing technology helped event organizers improve profitability and enhance the overall experience.

Alongside, Eric also went on to invest in various path-breaking start-ups including a brewing company and an online education company.

In 2018, Eric decided to transition back to teaching by coming back to the Ivey Business School. He shares his research-oriented teaching approach, and why he has chosen to teach sales – a grossly-neglected subject.

He also talks about the importance of maintaining a good work life balance in this segment of the show.

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What You Will Learn In This Show

  • The many advantages of online education
  • How do you figure out your ideal client avatar, and reach out to them?
  • How do I teach resilience to my students?
  • How to leverage the power of story-telling
  • Why great salespeople are always good listeners and good question-askers
  • No-mo-phobia, and how it’s massively impacting our productivity level
  • What is the one thing that can help you find success in sales?
  • And so much more…


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