Redefining Normal In The Remote/Hybrid Workplace


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In Episode 70 (recorded live), Founder of The Good Success Network, Lekisha Middleton, and HR business partner director in Intuit’s Consumer Group, Catie Harriss, join Melinda to discuss what they’ve learned from the ‘Great Resignation’; how we can build diversity, equity, and inclusion in remote and hybrid workplaces; and the unique opportunities that these workplaces provide around DEI.

About Lekisha (she/her)

Lekisha is the Founder of The Good Success Network, a global management consulting and executive coaching firm that focuses on creating a workforce that is equipped and a workplace that is equitable, diverse, and inclusive.

She is a proud techie and human advocate, who is driven by the desire to empower people with the tools and strategies necessary to achieve success.

All of her work is centered around transformation and positive impactful change. Her clients experience a safe space to clarify their vision, cultivate their strengths, and gain the confidence needed to move forward.

About Catie (she/her)

Catie Harriss is an HR business partner director in Intuit’s Consumer Group, bringing her expertise in innovation, design thinking, executive coaching, and mindfulness to translate business strategy into people strategy and help employees grow.

Prior to her current role, Catie led HR teams at Intuit to re-invent key employee experiences, to increase transparency, effectiveness, and inclusion for all employees.

Catie has also been a mindfulness practitioner for 10 years. She loves hiking, horseback riding, and enjoying San Diego’s beaches with her 12-year old son.
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