Episode 18: "Dance Party Vol. II; One Flew Over The Coup Coup's Nest"


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In this eighteenth episode of Learned Hands, the Official Podcast of the Westerosi Bar Association, Maester Merry & Clint from Laws of Ice and Fire ask: What role did Westeros’ legal system play in enabling the Greens' coup? What lessons can we learn from it?

Our analysis this week includes:

  • Learned Hands returns to the Dance of the Dragons as we cover the aftermath of the Great Council of 101AC and the weirdly flaccid reign of Viserys I.
  • We detail all of the various institutional, historical, and legal factors that facilitated the Greens' power grab.
  • Lots of comparisons to real-life coups, including the failed attempt we all just lived through.
  • Your hosts give you their fair and balanced opinions on Daemon Targaryen (who sucks).
  • Clint giddily rants about Varys' Riddle AND Federalist 10 AND gets to make a tortured Seven Kingdoms/Federalism analogy for like three hours.
  • Merry instructs you, the listener, on how to pull off a 100% successful coup!
  • (lol jk)
  • We ask the question of whether Westeros is actually fit for unified government.
  • My god so much swearing.

Supplemental reading:

Extensive editing by LittleWolfBird. Bumpers by Adriana, Lady Counselor of the Summer Isles and Archmaester of Pedantic Sophistry. Intro & Outro music courtesy Sid Luscious & The Pants. None of this should be construed as legal advice OBVIOUSLY.

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