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Are you someone who believes in the power of manifestation? Do you regularly set resolutions and/or intentions? Today’s guest is an amazingly dear friend of mine who deeply believes that you bring into your life exactly the energy you put out. The future lies in the gratitude and positivity that you show today!

Ruby Benson is a blogger, model, and content creator who has become a voice for the millennial generation through her beautifully curated social media channels, and she has done it all while maintaining her authentic self. She is a master of social media which we dive into, as well as why and how social media is shifting, why the party culture in society is changing, and the importance of goals over resolutions.

We also chatted about happiness, setting intentions, visualization and manifestation all while getting a bit of the giggles and keeping the vibe chill. This conversation was less of an interview and more of two girl friends just chatting.

What are your manifestation and visualization tools? Do you meditate? What works best for you? Leave a comment below!

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