#72 The Fighting Lobsters


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Book, Goals, Leaders.

3 Topics that have been racking my brain all week.

I used to talk about achieving goals, but never actually followed through.

So I have dedicated my time to writing down my goals and planning them in detail which has helped me to actually follow through.

Building a smoker, learning a new language, trying pottery; these are all activities I have always wanted to try. Now with tangible plans I will begin to tackle each of them.

Reading has and is an ongoing goal for me.

Lets Take This Online is one avenue of exploring knowledge growth and books play a major role in that and one of my goals is to finish 4 books a month and share what

I learned with all of you. Lastly, but most importantly is the concept of a "good leader".

I have been thinking of what makes a good leader a lot lately. I think it starts with getting to know and understand what motivates your team as we are all different.

Understanding how each of us work can help create an atmosphere that drives performance instead of stifling it.


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