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I had stage fright when I was younger, as it was a reflection of my confidence issues. One decision I am proud of myself to have taken is forcing myself to be on a stage, through the enrollment in a drama class.

That really set the stage for me in the growth of my confidence in the future. Today, I really enjoy public speaking; even though I still get pre-speaking jitters. I embrace them though and I use them to be excited throughout my talk.

However, I am still learning about the realm of public speaking and what it takes to speak professionally.

Saana is one who is very well versed in this world. She is the founder of MENA Speakers(among being a speaker herself), which is a speaker and MC Bureau in the Middle East. They aim to provide speakers and trainers for a variety of events and training across the region.

Her journey into founding MENA Speakers is quite interesting and I really enjoyed exploring her learnings across the way.

Definitely reach out if you want to explore speaking, becoming or hiring a speaker.



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