How to Convert Your Internet Leads at a Higher Level and Build Long-Lasting Relationships that Bring in a Ton of Business w/Paul Diaz


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Internet leads are not referrals, and just because someone clicks our content doesn’t guarantee their business. The question is, how do we convert them?

What does it take to turn an internet lead into a client? How can we bridge the gap from a click online to connection offline?

In this episode, National Sales Director at BoldLeads, Paul Diaz shares his foolproof formula for conversion.

When you get a hold of an internet lead, all you have is your word over the phone, so credibility is key in the early stages. -Paul Diaz

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The starting point for any script that we need to master Are we asking our leads enough questions? What does a good question sound like, anyway?

  • The importance of coming from curiosity There’s a story behind every decision, from choosing to move forward with a transaction to staying put. How do we unearth them?

  • How to practice active listening How can we show our leads that we're not just listening to them, but hearing them?

Guest Bio-

Paul Diaz is the National Sales Director at BoldLeads. While not an agent, Paul has an impressive track record in real estate, and has served as an ISA at a number of companies, including Zillow, since 2014. A rockstar on the phone, Paul is celebrated in the industry for his brilliant communication skills and being able to close anyone.

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