The Critical Decision That Will Keep Your Brokerage Alive For The Next 10 Years w/Jeff Cohn


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The smartest real estate team leaders aren’t just thinking about what’s happening now, they are obsessed with positioning themselves for the future.

To be relevant over the next decade, we have to think beyond the traditional role of a real estate company. The successful brokerage of the future has to build a conglomerate of value by focusing on the most pressing needs of the agent.

How can leaders anticipate the needs of agents and locate themselves in a prime position to deliver value? What are the key pillars that have to exist in the real estate business of the future?

In this episode, we’re joined by the owner at kwELITE and host of the Team Building Podcast, Jeff Cohn. We talk about what agents, coaches, and brokerages need to do to remain relevant in a fast-changing real estate industry.

"The future of successful brokerages will be a conglomerate of 4 companies that fall under the same umbrella - coaching, lead generation, marketing, and contract management." - Greg Harrelson

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Why the world of coaching is evolving What will the coaching company of the future look like, and how do we create a service that meets the expectations of today’s content consumers?

  • How to stay in business and thrive in the future What is the obvious but overlooked conversation brokerage leaders need to have if they want to succeed going forward?

  • The power of pain in the journey to success How does stretching ourselves and finding our pain zone outside of our business lead to growth in the business?

Guest Bio-

Jeff Cohn is a nationally renowned speaker, owner at kwELITE, and host of the Team Building Podcast. As founder of Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, now kwELITE, he led his team from 70 to 700 transactions in 6 years and was awarded the #1 team in unit sales in the world at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices in 2019. Since beginning his real estate career in 2006, Jeff’s team has closed over 5,000 sales, totaling over $1 billion in volume.

Devoted to ongoing learning throughout his career, Jeff has forged strategic relationships with industry leaders across the country, listened to thousands of hours of podcasts, and read hundreds of books, providing him with a vast knowledge base. Jeff is considered a foremost real estate expert due to these efforts, and as founder and CEO of Elite Real Estate Systems, a coaching company, offers the annual Team Building Summit, monthly workshops, and weekly coaching calls. As a credit to his extensive know-how, Jeff speaks frequently at various events throughout the US and Canada.

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