You've Got Everything it Takes to Start Your Own Business: Here's the Path to Take w/Rhyan Finch


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Many agents have the desire to start their own businesses, but they just don’t have the confidence to take the first steps. What will it take to change that?

What are the key things agents need to know before becoming business owners? Is there anything we can do to prepare? How can we ensure that once we do have our own businesses, we keep seeing great results in the long term?

In this episode, Founder of 1st Class Real Estate and 1st Class Franchising, Rhyan Finch shares how he successfully made the leap from agent to entrepreneur.

"Everybody is scared of moving onto the next level of business because they don't know their numbers. The easiest solution is, look at your numbers!" -Rhyan Finch

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How to move past the uncertainty of running a business and just do it What’s the main thing stopping agents from taking the next step, and what can we do to move past the obstacle, once and for all?

  • How to stay ahead of the herd in any market What can we do to differentiate ourselves from all the other business owners in our space?

  • How to keep calm in the face of challenges as an agent-turned-entrepreneur Challenges are inevitable, and as business owners, we need to accept that, rather than try to fight it. How can we deal with problems as calmly as possible, so they don’t need to halt our progress?

Guest Bio-

Rhyan is the broker, owner, and founder of 1st Class Real Estate and 1st Class Franchising. In 2005, he became a licensed real estate agent with a nationally known franchise firm in Virginia Beach and quickly exploded as he gained 100+ listings on the market after finding his niche in short sales. Rhyan became certified in Distressed Properties, Short Sales, & Foreclosures. As a new agent, Rhyan had great success and earned the Re/Max International 100% Club in 2007 and 2008.

In 2008, Rhyan gave himself a promotion and started his own Real Estate Team - The Rhyan Finch Real Estate Team. He began with 1 agent (himself!) and quickly grew to 5 agents within just a few months. At the time, Rhyan recognized what was going on with the real estate market and when the bust came he quickly became an expert on distressed properties. In five years Rhyan had taken his newfound real estate career in a crashing market to the number one team in Hampton Roads after joining forces with his sister Rhendi.

In 2012, the team grew to selling over 900 homes and consequently was named the #7 Real Estate Team in the US by the Wall Street Journal and the #1 Platinum Mega Team In Hampton Roads by the Realtor Association. After this track record of success, Rhyan decided it was time for the team to branch out and founded 1st Class Real Estate, an independent real estate firm located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Now, as CEO and Principal Broker, he has led the company to rank in the top 4% of real estate companies in the Hampton Roads area, over 700 agents, and 50+ locations nationwide. His powerful leadership, knowledge, and desire to excel has proven a track record of success for exponential growth. Rhyan started this company with one goal in his heart - to change lives so here at 1st Class Real Estate, our mission is to “change lives and sell a few homes along the way…”.

With a desire to do more and give more, Rhyan is on a mission to increase the success rate of all of those in this industry. Using tips and trade secrets, he has now franchised their proven and winning model to help the everyday real estate agent grow their own real estate team in their local markets all over the country.

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