Finding the Right Tools for Your Business with Michael Devellano


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Michael Devellano is on the Leverage Podcast this week to discuss how entrepreneurs can use simple tools in creative ways to automate and grow their businesses. From CRMs to email marketing and funnel tools, Nick and Michael educate listeners on how to think about what their business requires and then find the right tech solutions to solve their problems. This is a powerful episode for anyone looking to better understand the operational and marketing tools available to them and which ones make sense for their specific business needs.

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Michael Devellano is an author, Salesforce consultant, custom app developer, and expert on technology related to marketing, traffic, and conversion. He is the Founder and CEO of Cloud Advisory LLC, a consulting firm that helps businesses and entrepreneurs set up, customize, and strategically use Salesforce. He is also the author of Automate and Grow: A Blueprint for Startups, Small and Medium Businesses to Automate Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support, and the host of the Automate and Grow Podcast.

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