231: Why sleep is a menopausal issue by Kate Usher and Giles Watkins


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Kate Usher is a highly experienced Menopause and Relationships Coach, working with women on the successful creation, development and growth of personal and career relationships during this period of intense and unpredictable change. She combines her extensive experience as a corporate change leader and her own Menopausal journey to deliver a uniquely positive approach.
Kate's Book: Your Second Phase
Kate's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kateusher
Giles Watkins leads Tinderbox Business Consulting in Bristol, Cardiff, Newport & Taunton, offering a personalised and unique service to Small & Medium sized Enterprises. He works closely with Business Owners and Board Directors to develop bespoke and targeted programmes for success. An author, speaker, coach and facilitator, Giles wrote 'Positive Sleep' based on his own struggles with insomnia, how he overcame these, why sleep matters and what you can do to sleep better at an individual and organisational level. An accredited Vistage Speaker he now works with individuals and groups, primarily at the C-suite, to gain the positive benefits of improved sleep. Giles is now applying his 30 years of business knowledge and leadership experience gained primarily in Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa, to enable business decision-makers to make better decisions, achieve balance, deliver superior results and sleep better at night!
Giles' book: Positive Sleep
Giles' LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gileswatkins

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