All You Need To Know About Whole Life Insurance To Build Wealth With Christian Allen And Rod Zabriske


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  • Learn how to invest your money in Multiple ways.
  • What were Chirstian and Rod setting out to do initially with Money Insights?
  • The main things that customers look for when they approach Money Insights
  • Finding out how to set up a whole life insurance policy and make it a wealth-building strategy.
  • The importance of Whole Life Insurance and its capabilities.
  • Investing using Whole Life Insurance.
  • Pros and Cons of Fees in the long run.
  • How are we able to potentially leverage this for retirement?
  • Using Whole Life Insurance to Supplement your Income.
  • The Difference between High Income and High Net Worth.
  • Comparing Direct and Non-Direct Recognition.
  • Matching Simple and Compound Interest.
  • Maximum Policies you can have.
  • Investment for yourself: What is one way that their investments have helped in their life?
  • Investment for others: What is one investment strategy or life hack that would help others in their investment journey?
  • Investment for the world: What is one way that their investments are helping to make the world a better place?



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