Best Formula In Building Wealth Today With Ken Van Liew


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  • How did Ken start into commercial real estate development
  • Ken shares his formula in modern wealth building and how it will benefit us.
  • How his early success shaped his journey
  • The investment opportunities that will fund away from high-density areas
  • In development syndication, what are the things that they should look for especially when talking about the risks?
  • How would you know that you invest in a good deal?
  • Learning the ways to eliminate risks in development deals
  • Who is the ideal person to invest in development deals?
  • How to eliminate risks as a Sponsor?

Life and Money Impact Round:

  • What is the one thing Ken does to live a meaningful and intentional life by design?
  • Money hacks that Ken can share that will make an impact in other lives
  • What will he do right now to help make the world a better place?



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