Episode 12: Directing during a Pandemic with Meriah Sage


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This episode features a hopeful chat about directing during a pandemic with Meriah Sage! While listening, share the show on social media! Support the show by leaving a rating or review and subscribing wherever you listen to podcasts. Thanks for listening, I appreciate you!

The Tea aka Topics: Theatre, University of Findlay, Self Care, Directing, Work-Life Balance, Western Michigan University, Eastern Michigan University, Where the Wild Things Are, College Theatre, Women Directors, Working in Academia, Arts Administration, Ensemble Building, Historical Theatre, Social Media Marketing, Wearing Many Hats, Children's Theatre, Arts Marketing, Directing During the Pandemic, Adapting, To Kill A Mockingbird, Process Design, Image Files, Facilitation, Cabaret, Viewpoints, Creative Storytelling, Characterization, Navigating Systems, Female Educators, Female Director, Women Performers, Roles for Women, Sexism in Theatre, New Voices in Theatre, Education Theatre Association, Blooms Taxonomy, Empathy, Paying Artists

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