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Jatali-Bellanton-2-financial-literacy-advocateJatali Bellanton is a banker turned financial literacy advocate that wants to inspire you to create your own freedom and to be aware of unknowingly building your own prison.

She s the founder of Brilliant Minds Unite and is on a mission to promote financial literacy among children and adults.

Lot of great lessons in our conversation including:

  1. How she started making money from home once she left her job.
  2. Why it s so important to talk to your spouse about your entrepreneurial desires.
  3. How she secured her financial independence through real estate.
  4. Why you need to prove yourself all over again when you start working for yourself.
  5. How writing a book launched her career as a financial literacy advocate for kids.

Life Skills That Matter In This Episode

  • Build community.
  • Self-directed learning.
  • Tell your story.

How Jatali Works and Thinks

  • Wake up time: 5:30 am
  • Core work activities + habits: 1) Delegate. 2) Compartmentalize. 3) Meditate.
  • Ideal work environment: At the beach, during vacation time, completely unplugged from the rest of the world.
  • Definition of success: No ceiling.
  • 90-day goal: Finish funding the youth art museum she’s building in Ghana.

Inspirational Quotes

“For a long time, I was watching myself help people become millionaires, but it wasn’t until I left the corporate world that I was able to do so for myself.”

“Every ‘no’ just brought me closer to my ‘yes.'”

“I want you to be a consumer who actually knows what to do when you go into the world and have the option of being either a worker bee or being a queen bee yourself.”

“You have to sometimes be willing to walk away in order to get what you truly want.”

“People forget that human aspect of things, of the give and take of life.”

Coaching Advice

Interested in working for yourself, but concerned about your financial situation? Jatali recommended these actions to get on a firmer financial footing:

1) Make a budget, look at it, and tighten it up. There’s almost always a way to make cuts to spending.

2) Keep your job to help you seed your business idea – you don’t have the leave your job right away to become an entrepreneur.

Resources + Bonus Materials

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

LSTM 30-Day Accelerator

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