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How-Work-Changed-In-2020It s been a rough year, hasn t it?

So much has changed, so quickly it feels as though it s been years since January 1, 2020.

It was a year of great disruption from the pandemic to a deep recession to massive racial injustice protests to a close Presidential election.

I believe 2020 will also be remembered as the year how work changed as we ve known it.

Millions upon millions of people experimented with remote work for the first time. Some loved it and some can t wait to get back to the office.

Working from home for months on end, gave us all lots of time to reflect on how we want to work. I call it The Great Reflection .

Who knows exactly how work will change, but one thing is certain, work will never be the same again for millions of people.

In this special episode, I ve invited a panel of work futurists to help me digest how work has changed in 2020 and to explore how to navigate more disruption in 2021.

Karen Eber, a Global Culture and Leadership Development Facilitator with years of experience doing similar work for GE and Deloitte.

Charles Araujo, Founder of the Institute for Digital Transformation, who has spent the past decade helping leaders adapt to and thrive in the digital era.

George Muir, a futurist based in Stockholm, who spent 30 years working for IKEA in a variety of capacities including leading IKEA s Visualise the Future IKEA Workplace initiative and Global HR Business Developer.

Lot of great lessons in our conversation including:

  1. Why George believes we should no longer be discussing how to approach the future of work, but the future of life itself.
  2. Karen believes companies need to be thinking about how to create engaged work cultures no matter where their employees are located.
  3. Charles says if you want to work on your terms, now has never been a better time to do that.
  4. Karen predicts younger generations will view commuting to work in the same way we now viewing smoking on airplanes.

Life Skills That Matter In This Episode

  • Self-awareness.
  • Self-directed learning.
  • Build community.

Inspirational Quotes

“I’m a farmer, I plant seeds…I plant ideas and sometimes they grow, and sometimes you have to fertilize them, and sometimes they don’t grow at all, and that’s the way the world is.” – George Muir

“Over the past year, the door has opened for folks that want to change how they work.” – Charles Araujo

“The leadership skills of the future are the ones where you can understand where someone is at their best and you can empathically lead and you can take that and harness the potential of every person; machines can’t do that.” – Karen Eber

“We don’t predict the future, we imagine it.” – Karen Eber

Resources + Bonus Materials

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