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Isha-Uppalapati-Girls-Entrepreneurship-SkillsIsha Uppalapati shares why she started a nonprofit to teach girls entrepreneurship skills. She s a high school senior living just outside of Atlanta who started a nonprofit 2 years ago.

She founded A Girl s Frontier to teach disadvantaged girls entrepreneurship skills.

Lot of great lessons in our conversation including:

  1. Sharing the resource you have with others who have less access.
  2. The process she went through to start her nonprofit.
  3. How she got her very first donation.
  4. What she s learned about managing her time from remote learning.
  5. Girls entrepreneurship skills being taught by Isha’s nonprofit.

Life Skills That Matter In This Episode

  • Build community.
  • Self-directed learning.
  • Self-awareness.

How Isha Works and Thinks

  • Wake up time: Around 7:30 am
  • Core work activities + habits: 1) Communicate with people constantly. 2) Consistently work on bringing in donations. 3) Stay in touch with people and continue to reach out to more people.
  • Superpower: Being able to wake up at 7:30 am everyday.
  • Book recommendation: Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg
  • Regains focus by: Putting her phone away.

Inspirational Quotes

“Education is incredibly, incredibly important. I think it is the most important tool in having a good foundation to start your life with, but also, education can be limited by the opportunities that you have.”

“Your mentors will teach you just as much, if not more, than a school education will; learning from experience and other people’s experiences.”

“As long as you learn from the mistakes and you improve, you have not failed, you have have just used that as a learning opportunity.”

“We can’t just learn at school, we need to learn in all aspects of our lives.”

Coaching Advice

Doubting yourself? Isha suggested the following remedies she uses:

1) Talk to people, even when you feel like you just want to take it on by yourself.

2) Sometimes it’s helpful just getting the reassurance from others that you’re doing what you need to do.

Resources + Bonus Materials

A Girl’s Frontier Programs

Her Toolbox by Isha Uppalapati

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

Donate To A Girl’s Frontier Here!

Her Toolbox Live Q&A Session

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