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Todd Henry wants to help you to understand your motivation, so you can unlock your hidden potential.

We re excited to have him back on the show, check out out first interview with him in episode 93, when he discussed the difference between real work versus fake work.

He s the host of the Accidental Creative podcast and author of several best selling books including The Accidental Creative and Die Empty.

His most recent book, The Motivation Code, explores 50+ years of research about what motivates us and as you ll soon hear, it s different for each one of us.

Lot of great lessons in our conversation including:

  1. Why you may not understand your motivation as clearly as you might believe.
  2. What Todd learned about his own motivations.
  3. How he motivates himself to write, yet doesn t enjoy the process of writing.
  4. Sustain your motivation by learning how to activate your core motivations throughout the day.
  5. If you want to identify your motivation, takes the assessment now at

Life Skills That Matter In This Episode

  • Self-awareness.
  • Habit alignment.
  • Reframe your mindset.

Inspirational Quotes

“Sometimes we notice that we feel motivated or we notice that we feel gratified with an achievement, but we don’t stop to consider why.”

“It’s important for people to understand and for you to understand what it is that’s driving someone before you give them advice.”

“If you understand what is motivating someone, then you can speak their language.”

“It’s not about the tasks, it’s about how you understand how those tasks interact with your natural, core motivations.”

“Knowing yourself is the first step toward maturity in your life.”

Resources + Bonus Materials

The Motivation Code by Todd Henry

The Motivation Code Assessment

Jim Collins – The Flywheel Effect

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