257: week 12 of X3 Bar and days away from the R3


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So many cool things going on, different thoughts going through my head on how I better impact people's health and life through audio, video, and live interaction.

Lifestyle Locker Radio Podcast has impacted thousands over the years. I'm looking to have a larger impact, bring people audio-visual adventures, maybe even live multi-day events where people can immerse themselves into a life-changing experience.

2020 and into 2021 have given me the time to assess myself, my impact, and where I want to take my life. As a chiropractor, I have the pleasure of being hands-on with my patients' care... and even then the responsibility lies in the hands of the patient. We can only help when people show up. As a digital lifestyle entrepreneur that walks the walk, I believe I have more capabilities and can reach more people by re-imagining the next version of Lifestyle Locker Radio... but don't worry. We have some great interviews coming up that you'll LOVE and I'll give a synopsis of the R3 run ( the Rim to Rim to Rim of the Grand Canyon).

So this episode we talk about the 12th week of the X3 Bar workout, double-digit training days for all days the past week, and rest, recover and eat week.

We wish you all a Happy Labor Day in 2021 and a Happy New Year to those celebrating Rosh Hashana.

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-Dr. Josh Handt



Sponsored by 30/60/5 Program. Be stronger than your excuses. Get more info here-> https://bit.ly/30605health

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