Likely Stories : Libertie, by Katlyn Greenidge


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I’m Jim McKeown , welcome to Likely Stories, a weekly review of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Katlyn Greenidge is a spectacular young woman just coming out of her first novel, We Love You, Charlie Freeman . She has won a Hodder Fellowship from Princeton University, among other awards. Libertie is her second novel. Libertie Sampson is the story of the coming of age of a free-born Black girl in Reconstruction-era Brooklyn. Her mother is a practicing physician, and she hopes her daughter will follow in her footsteps. The story begins. Kaitlyn wrote, “I saw my mother raise a man from the dead. ‘It still didn’t help him much my love,’ she told me. But I saw her do it all the same. That’s how I knew she was magic. / The time I saw Mama raise a man from the dead, it was close to dusk. Mama and her nurse, Lenore, were in her office—Mama with her little greasy glasses on the tip of her nose, balancing the books, Lenore banking the fire. That was the rule in Mama’s office—the fire was kept

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