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This is the Fitbit Luxe review and its Fitbits newest band and its their first since their acquisition from Google. There are all the Fitbit Luxe specifications and the Fitbit Luxe price in this video as well. It is aimed at the more high end even with a smaller screen. The hear rate monitor works really great on this band, but not everything is up to date on it. The Sp02 sensor is currently not working unstill an update and its run tracking right now needs an update too. ( I will keep this description updated as best as I can when an update comes through Fitbit. Fitbit Luxe : Other Recommendations: Fitbit Charge 4 : Xiaomi Mi Band 6 : 0:00 - Into 0:27 - Specifications 2:49 - User Interface 4:20 - Fitness & Sleep Tracking 7:50 - Recommendations

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