Healing Your Identity After a Toxic Relationship


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We all want to have healthy relationships, but what does that actually mean?

Lisa-Marie Del Rio, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice in Virginia Beach, VA. She specializes in identity consolidation in women. In her free time, she's active in the fitness community or hiking with her dog, Maximus.

In this episode, we are talking all about toxic relationships and healthy relationships. First, Lisa reveals what exactly is “cuffing season” and what you need to know about entering the dating world. Lisa speaks about masculinity versus femininity and how we can harness the power of our energies to have successful relationships. Then, Lisa reveals how to heal the identity of self when you are coming out of a relationship. We also dive into psychopathy and narcissism. Tune in as Lisa talks about hyper-independence, healthy egos, and how to start your healing journey.

In This Episode:

  • About “cuffing season” when it comes to relationships [ 6:20 ]
  • The differences between masculinity and femininity [ 11:15 ]
  • Are you in a relationship with a narcissist? What you need to know [ 20:55 ]
  • How to heal the identity of self [ 25:40 ]
  • Hyper-independence is a reaction to being hurt repeatedly [ 37:30 ]
  • About the ego and how to know if you have a healthy ego [ 47:15 ]
  • Your healing journey doesn’t start until you have hope [ 54:45 ]


  • “We want to create life, and we want to build an empire.”
  • “Whatever you give a woman, she will receive it, and then she will multiply it.”
  • “A lot of broken men are attracted to women in transition when we're vulnerable.”
  • “Once you get exposed to the real masculinity, you will never accept a counterfeit anymore.”
  • “One core issue with narcissism is that, frankly, these are just little boys who got stuck.”
  • “Grief is the only emotion that you can't do anything about.”

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