Wednesday March 2, 2011 Welcomes Veilside Show #132


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Veilside is a hard rock/alternative metal band hailing from the suburbs of
Chicago. The band started in 2006 as a four piece, gaining their fifth band
member in the fall of 2009. The band has slowly risen in popularity on the
strength of their promotion, as well as an energetic, melodic live show. Their
self-produced debut CD, "Chapter One" was released in June of 2008 and to date
has sold over 3000 copies almost by word of mouth alone. The success has
allowed Veilside to open for national acts including Dokken, LA Guns, Nelson,
and Stephen Pearcy of Ratt. In 2011, the band has aimed for a much more
ambitious endeavor...getting mega-producer Chuck Alkazian (Slipknot, Saving
Abel, Pop Evil) from Pearl Sound Studios to help them complete "THIS TIME..."
featuring the band's popular hard rock version of the Kansas hit "Dust in the
Wind". Veilside also hosts the annual "Breaking the Silence" benefit for autism
awareness, and has worked with several other children's charities.
Veilside is:
Tony Engel - Lead Vocals
Jon Badalamenti - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Russ Odean - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Ron Thomas - Drums/Backing Vocals
Bob "Cabo" Hilton - Bass (we don't let him sing)

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