Season 5 Ep. 2 Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking - 3 Steps and A Guided Meditation to Regain Confidence


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Do you get really frightened or nervous at the prospect of speaking before a crowd? Don’t worry you’re not alone. I’m here to give you 3 simple tips to overcome your fear. Followed by a quick 5 minute meditation practice to Regain Calm, Clarity and Confidence.

I recommend listening to this episode just before your next public speaking or public engagement opportunity.

Listened to it? How did you feel? Calmer. More confident. Maybe you have a particular fear that you want addressed. How do you do that? Simple, reach out to a coach like me

Hi, I’m Shivraj Parshad, a Communication and Executive Coach, Trainer, Podcaster & Presenter. And more recently a practitioner of mindfulness which I am finding has a huge impact on how we communicate with ourselves and others.

In this fresh season I give you more by way of life skills as we look beyond the pandemic to new beginnings. I will be joined by a whole host of new guests, from the training, coaching, mentoring and leadership space, who like me strive to create new personal development tools and mechanisms to inspire you to live your best lives.

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