Bonus episode! The negative impact of toxins on hormone optimization


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  • What to do about the thousands of toxins we are exposed to daily that have deleterious consequences for our health and hormone balance.
  • The foods with the highest levels of toxins that wreak havoc on your health.
  • Why you will never lose excess fat and keep it off until you address the toxins in your body and environment.
  • The three toxins to avoid that have a negative impact on testosterone levels and overall health.
  • What to do about the hundreds of chemicals you are exposed to daily
  • Things you use on a daily basis that you think are innocuous but lead to a toxic burden.
  • The most potent sources of hormone-disrupting solvents.
  • The best options for drinking water to avoid taking in more toxins.
  • The food sources that are the most potent source of fat-soluble toxins.
  • Why you keep losing weight but can never keep it off and gain back more fat.
  • Why dieting without detoxing heavy metals and other chemicals is futile.
  • The connection between mitochondria, cell health, and hormone optimization.
  • if you're overweight and suffer from a variety of ailments you have a toxic burden. What to do about it.
  • The leading sources of hormone-disrupting chlorinated pesticides.
  • Common fruits and veggies that are very high in toxins and what to do about it.
  • The least toxic plastics and the most toxic plastics to avoid.
  • Supplements and foods that help with clearing out toxins.

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