Gamer vs Side-Hustler ๐Ÿ’ต๐ŸŽฎ(Case Study) (Quit Gaming Motivation + gaming business ideas)


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Just wanted to share 2 stories of two young men I know. 1. Evanโ€™s best friend: Was a near-pro BMX biker. Started gaming all the time. Now he doesnโ€™t BMX as much and will not go pro. Graduating with college debt. Searching for a job now. 2. My younger brother: Was a big gamer (Halo, Xbox etc.). Visited us in Thailand and got inspired in 2016. Started an Amazon selling business on the side of his job. 2-years later, he's making $100k a year of passive income from his Amazon store. Has the freedom to work on his own schedule. Can travel as much as he pleases. Does not need a job. Just some food for thought. Now while gaming IS one of the fastest-growing industries, let's face it, most gamers will not go pro or make $$$ from playing it themselves. BUT, there IS $$$ to be made AROUND gaming -- so perhaps spend some of that gaming energy putting your entrepreneurial cap on and think about how you can take advantage of this exploding market -- e.g. creating services or products or apps that will help gamers solve problems (because very few of us are entertaining/charismatic enough to be popular streamers. But if that's you -- yes! Making $$ from streaming is also a business & building a brand & audience so that's fine). Gaming business ideas: start a gaming accessories drop-shipping store, start a gaming product review site (Amazon affiliate links), start an app that helps you find gaming meetups in your city, start an app/blog that teaches you quick stretches and/or workouts specifically for gamers, start an app/blog that teaches gamers how to cook healthy food, start a dating for gamers app? start a print on demand business on Amazon Merch for gaming T-shirts hmm! Riley in Chiang Mai, Thailand โœŒ๏ธ๐ŸŒด Watch the video version on YouTube:

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