#9 Riona Kelly - Fight Until The End


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#9 Riona Kelly - Fight Until The End In todays episode Reece Interviews Riona Kelly. Riona Kelly is one in ten million people that has suffered with a spinal stroke. This traumatic and horrible event left Riona paralysed from the hips down. On top of this during this horrific event she actually passed away 4 times. After being told she would never walk again Riona was determined to show the world that she was a fighter! She now has defied all odds and is able to walk! Riona talks about how she works everyday to improve her walking and although she doesn't want to do it, makes sure she's always pushing herself. Since this event Riona set up a charity 'Go Pink' which gives people who need to talk a environment to share their troubles and concerns in life. This charity offers light and help to people all across the world. Riona is a true example of what you can achieve when you refuse to give up and fight until the end. She is an absolute inspiration! Please go and follow her journey below.. Get in touch with Riona Instagram: @rionakellygopinkco Facebook: Riona Kelly Please comment, subscribe and share!

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