305: Night Gallery - 221A - The Sins Of The Fathers (Live)


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Someone wrote this on IMDb:

Scared the S**t out of me

Another entry from Season Two. This is really one of the most frightening and uncomfortable things to watch, that has ever been presented on television. Richard Thomas deserves accolades for his performance. The finest work he has ever done. This is one of those--"You have to see it to believe it" episodes. Some of the finest horror that television has ever seen. Nothing I can say can describe this episode. It has never been matched. I dream of seeing "Season Two" again on DVD. Without the "Sixth Sense" episodes that were added for syndication. For they were crap. As I said, this episode Scared the S&%T out of me. I bet it would still.

kbearo-1 - Dec 22, 2006

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