nobody listens


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This 13-minute clip is taken from a larger exegetical sermon preached from Revelation 20. The direct democracy touted as fashionable today was seen by our Founding Fathers as an EVIL, for popular democracy means that the leadership of a nation can turn on the dime of a mob. And we are seeing that transpire right before our eyes.

The United States of America was not founded as a direct democracy but as a constitutional republic. Yet today, alas, there are mobs on both sides of the political aisle in a tug-of-war of unrighteousness tearing this nation apart. History and human nature teach us how to fix all this garbage, but nobody learns. NOBODY LISTENS! The same alarm bells were raised by faithful preachers in America in the 1850s, the last time our country was this divided, but nobody listened.

We don’t need another President, we need the Messiah. We don’t need more democracy, we need the coming THEOCRACY under the Lord Jesus Christ. And it is coming. All will be made right.

It’s almost comical that all the Covid-19 chaos and the #BLM madness broke forth just a few weeks after these words were spoken. Fallen humanity is so predictable, and a nation which has turned it back upon God can only stumble around in the darkness.

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