7. The bright future for solar-powered irrigation and livestock drinking water in Argentina (Carlos Ranftl, Tonka Solar)


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There's no denying that the future is looking bright for solar powered water pumping in Argentina.

In this episode, we speak about the power of this technology with Carlos Ranftl from Tonka Solar, a LORENTZ distribution partner which specializes in photovoltaic energy and solar water pumping in Argentina. Carlos plays an integral role in the company as he is responsible for the local distribution net, marketing, technical support and much more.

We dive into several topics including:

  • Solar powered pumps for livestock drinking water and irrigation purposes
  • Promoting the natural renewal of soil using sustainable technology
  • Windmills vs. solar for powering pumps
  • First ever solar powered irrigation system for rice in Argentina
  • The growing popularity of small solar powered pumps (e.g. PS2-100)
  • Tonka Solar as a certified B corporation
  • and more!


Tonka Solar Website - https://tonkasolar.com.ar/
Tonka Solar's committment to sustainabiltiy (i.e. certified B corporation status) - https://tonkasolar.com.ar/empresa-b/nuestro-camino/
LORENTZ CONNECTED services for monitoring and management of systems - https://www.lorentz.de/products-and-technology/products/connected/
The PS2-100 solar powered pump - https://www.lorentz.de/products-and-technology/products/ps2-100/

Episode notes:

  • (1:00) About Tonka Solar
  • (3:00) History of energy sources used for pumping/delivering water
  • (3:30) How water works in Argentina
  • (5:00) The powerful role of solar water pumping; from windmills to solar for powering water pumps
  • (7:30) Advantages of monitoring and managing a pump system using LORENTZ CONNECTED services (e.g. PumpScanner)
  • (8:30) The first ever solar powered irrigation system for rice - a true success story!
  • (14:00) Key learnings from solar water pumping for irrigation
  • (16:40) The bright future of solar water pumping in Argentina
  • (19:10) Solar water pumping for livestock drinking water
  • (23:00) Solar water pumping for livestock AND corn simultaneously
  • (26:00) Using the PS2-100 for solar water pumping and how this provides small producers access to this technology
  • (28:30) Tonka Solar attaining the certified B corporation status
  • (35:00) The future of solar powered solutions

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